For this years Lundaspelen, IK Eos presents the new central meeting place, Lundaspelen Expo, in Lund City Hall. Welcome to see where the basketball party meets the city.

Lundaspelen has always provided energy and warmth to the city during the cold winter days in the beginning of the year, and now we will give that in the city centre as well. At Lundaspelen Expo, visitors will find a basketball pop-up shop, guides, competitions, workspaces, food experiences and live music.

Moreover, there will be livestreamed games from all around Lund broadcasted on screens for anyone passing by to see.

Lunds City Hall have been renovated the last few years and just opened up its doors again. De spacious facilities are perfect to see the city from its best side, and the whole city feels close.

We will be open 11-19 during 2nd-4th of January.