The categories U11-U12 are played according to the Easy Basket rules from the Swedish Basketball Federation except for the following changes.

Game time

Playing time is 4 x 6 minutes. The time is not stopped during the last three minutes.

No time-outs, one minute break between each period.

Players / Substitutions

The games are played 5 on 5 (Normal size court)

Each player has to play at least one period and sit on the bench at least one period. That means, that the team has to consist of at least 7 players to play with 5 players on the court every period. If you have less than 7 players in the team, you will have to play some period with 4 or 3 players on the court.

Substitutions can only be made between periods or if a player is injured. If you substitute an injured player, the substitute will count as a player for the entire period.

Penalty for incorrect substitutions: B-technical foul for coach.

Ball size / Baskets

All games are played with ball size 5 on low baskets, 260 cm.


No three-point shots are awarded. 


Four personal fouls are allowed. When a player receives a fourth foul the player has to substitute. The game clock should NOT be stopped.

No team fouls.

No free-throws. If a player is fouled in the act of shooting, but does not score, the shooting team will be awarded one point and a throw in at the baseline. If a players is fouled in the act of shooting, and scores, the scoring team gets one extra point (total 3), and the fouling team will get a throw in on the base line.

If a technical or unsportsmanlike foul is called the opponents will be awarded one point and given the ball at the throw-in line.


Ball returned to the backcourt is not a violation.

A player is allowed to take/grab the ball from an opponent, this is not a violation.


Zone defence is not allowed. Penalty: First time official warning, second time B-technical foul on coach.

Full court press defence is not allowed for a team who has a lead of more than 20 points.

(Situation: one team has only 4 players on court due to fouls/injuries etc..= opposing team has to play man-man still = 2 players on 5 man team have to play man-man on same player... No zone allowed)

Overtime periods

Regulation ties are decided by overtime(s) played 1x2 minutes until the winner of the game is decided. The possession arrow is applied at the start of, and throughout, the overtime. 

Shot clock (24 sec/14 sec)

The shot clock is unobserved but the referee can signal for 10 seconds left of the offense if a team, in the judgement of the referee, is deliberately delaying the game or if the ball does not touch the basket in due time.

Uniform colours

The first team in the schedule, Team A, shall wear ligth coloured shirts. The second team named in the scedule, Team B, shall wear dark coloured shirts. However, if the 2 teams agree, they may change the colours of the shirts. 

/Version 2022/