Mini Lundaspelen is Lundaspelens form of playing for U11 and younger. In this category we've created a form of playing in acccordance with FIBA's and Sweden Basketball Federation guidelines for children playing the great game of basketball.

The main aim in U11 is to develop the players skills and at the same time don't completely take away the different levels of the players/teams which is natural, but at the same time not encourage the external stress from the adult world of sports in just focusing on the result parts (Winning). The thought is that coaches and spectators should encourage the team and players part in testing their skills as individuals and as a team in order to do their best and have the will to do so and hopefully get a great start in enjoying the game and their own and team development in it. In order for the teams to still get the feeling of the tournament Lundaspelen we "end" the tournament with a special cermony where everyone is encouraged to take part and ALL players get a medal.


Lundaspelen Game rules for U11 & U12

Group play

All teams get divided into groups ( see gameschedule ) where all teams play against each other in the group. (2nd and 3rd of January). The results are not published , but are noted down to form play-off groups.


At the play-off stage the teams get divided into new groups depending on their results in group play. The teams will now be more likely to be on the same level and hopefully the games will be even more enjoyable for the children in order to test their skills as individuals and teams. No results will be published here either.

Mini Lundaspelen Cermony

The U11 "tournament" will be finished with a cermony for all teams, both sexes, in Idrottshallen on the evening of the 4th of january. This starts as soon as the 2 last U11 games are played.

All participants in all U11 teams are encouraged to participate and at that point we will also present all players and coaches with an individual medal.

(Note -IF your team can't come to the cermony- contact the tournament office at Eoshallen in order that your team get their medals.)