Lundaspelen Ambassadors are persons not necessarily affiliated with IK Eos/Lundaspelen organization. You can however contact them to get information about the Tournament and Lund to find out if Lundaspelen is something for you and your club.

Emese Gosztom – Eos Basket

Languages: Hungarian, English and Swedish

Phone number: + 36 20 422 94 06, +46 73 686 40 21


- What was your first impression of Lundaspelen?
There were so many people, and especially a lot of volunteers on behalf of IK Eos. It shows how the club is like a ”family” where everyone put down a lot of unpaid work to make this happen. And in my opinion the quality of the teams and the tournament is good with teams from all over Sweden and from other countries.

Andrea Frison, Italy - Club Sarre Chasellet

Languages: Italian, French, English

Phone number: 0039 3892023450

E-mail: friz51@hotmail.i t

-What is the best part of Lundaspelen?
Lundaspelen is not ony a simple tournament, but also a place where playing, discussing and living basketball with teams coming from different countries and realities. Each year you have the possiblity to find something different: while you're watching or playing a game or simply when you're spending time visiting Lund, a typical beautiful Nordic city. It's also a tournament where you can find teams from all levels, so everyone have the possibility to compete concretely.

Morgan McLaughlin - Canada, Club Collingwood Cavaliers

Languages: English and French

Phone number: +16047169760


- Which three words would you describe Lundaspelen with?
Competitive, Well-Organized, Memorable (So Amazing I travel 9 hours to play in it!)