For the 40th anniversary of Lundaspelen 2018, Ik Eos installed an appreciation "price" to coaches/leaders who act according to the values of Lundaspelen and Ik Eos Lund.

These coaches/leaders Respects other teams, the referees and the tournament staff and inhabitants of Lund - In good and bad- they give Energy to their teams and they Educate - not only basketball players- but children and young adults to become good people and most of all - These coaches/leaders are role models and Defend the Values of Lundaspelen!


2020 - 42nd Lundaspelen:
Jesper Stadil , SISU, Denmark
Anna Hammer, Ulriken Eagles, Norway
Ulrik Gudiksen, Vaerlöse, Denmark

2019 - 41st Lundaspelen:
Pia Pannula Toft , Gladsaxe BBK

Patrick Mortensen ,  Hørsholm BBK

2018 - 40th Lundaspelen:
Tony Marion
, BMS Herlev
Louise Brondin Månsson & Jennie Hallonqvist , Malbas
Kevin Oberlack
, TSV Leverkusen