Guest card

Owners of a guest card are entitled to the following:

  • Food in school cafeterias (11 meals - starting with dinner the 1st of January, ending with breakfast the 5th)
  • School lodging in classrooms
  • Free bus travel with local buses in Lund on regular routes (Please take into consideration the inhabitants of Lund and let them ahead on the buses. The driver CAN reject you if they feel that the bus is to full. Normal passengers have the right of way.)
  • Lundaspelen Cup-T-Shirt (possibility to print names/nr at tournament)
  • Free entry to the Lundaspelen Dunkshow

Information about prices

School Accommodation

Access to the schools from about 4pm the 1st of January to the morning of the 5th. 

Information about arrival

Clubs/Teams are assigned to classrooms -  classrooms are divided with consideration to how many people is in your group - a classroom can hold anything from 10 people to 50 people -  clubs can not count on getting one room per team. We try to lodge approx. 20 people/room Teams have to bring sleeping bags and airmatress or equivalent to sleep on. 

It is of greatest concern that we recieve the best estimate as possible of how many people your will bring when you register - failure to do so is the number one reason there arises complaints when you arrive.


Check-out should be done in coordination with the accommodation hosts at the schools. You must get your room approved by the accommodation hosts before checking out - if your room is not approved you will get an invoice of a cleaning fee. 

Information about departure

Hotel Accommodation

If you want to have some more comfort than staying in classroom there is an hotel alternative. If you choose any of the hotel alternatives you still get the guestcard and all that it includes (see above). You'll be staying at the  Motel L or Best Western Plus Lundin Lund.  Breakfast buffé is included from the 2nd of January.

The alternatives we have are to stay in room accomodating as many as four (4) persons.  You can register hotel alternative through the entry form - the alternatives are rooms with one, two, three och four beds.