Recommended Hotels

We recommend parents and supporters to our partner Motel L and Radisson Blu Lund, this is where the teams will be staying 2023.

Motel L -  Telefongatan 14, 224 81 Lund ( Google Maps)

Radisson Blu  -  Hedvig Möllers Gata 2, 223 55 Lund ( Google Maps)

Lundaspelen Deal

For parents and supporters visisting Lundaspelen we have a discount at Motel L and Radisson Blu. 

For discount at Radisson Blu: Insert the campaign code LUNDA when booking to take part of the Lundaspelen Deal.

For discount at Motel L: Book through this link

If you're bringing kids with you it's easier to book by e-mail:

Email to Motel L: 

Email to Radisson Blu: