Clubs/Teams staying with the Lundaspelen Organization:

Luggage transport:
Contact the Lundaspelen office at Eoshallen ( +4646-159494) BEFORE 4pm the 4th of january- Two (2) persons most follow along to help carry the luggage.

Luggage storage:
Luggage can be stored at Hedda Idrottshall B the 5th of January (8am - 5pm) in a special area for luggage, about 10 minute walk from Idrottshallen. Cost is 10 SEK/piece of luggage (paid when you check in the luggage). The Finals Arena does NOT have another storage for bags and the luggage is NOT allowed in the corridors or inside the arena except for the teams that play in the Finals. They will be able to store the bags in the dressing room only during their own game. This is the regulation by the arena due to Fire safety and may NOT be violated.

Check-out from School:

Check-out should be done in coordination with the accomodation hosts at the schools. The check-out is approved when the room is cleaned and controlled by the coach - if not cleaned and approved the team will be fined.