Entry fee

Entry fee is paid instantly when the registration is made - either by card or by invoice from Klarna

Teams that are accomodated by Lundaspelen through school lodging or hotel accomodation - 2450 SEK /team  (approx. 210 EURO) (the discount is withdrawn when accommodation is registered in the registration site)

Teams that are not accomodated by Lundaspelen - 3250 SEK /team  (approx. 280 EURO)

Team withdrawal

Teams that withdraw their registration before 15th of November get the entry fee back (without the transactional fee 121 SEK) - after the 15th of November the entry fee will not be paid back.

Guest card (school lodging or hotel accomodation)

Guest card fees must be paid before the 15th of November 2024.

Guest card with school lodging - 1850 SEK/person (approx. 160 EURO)

Guest card with hotel accomodation - between 2800-4700 SEK/person (see below)

ATTENTION: These are the prices for hotels at Lundaspelen 2024, this will be updated for Lundaspelen 2025


Cost SEK

Approx. cost EUR


4665 SEK

395 EUR


7050 SEK (ca 3525 kr/person)

590 EUR (approx. 295 EUR/person)

Three bedroom

9295 SEK (ca 3180 kr/person)

800 EUR (approx. 265 EUR/person)

Four bedroom

11340 SEK (ca 2835 kr/person) 

950 EUR (approx. 235 EUR/person)

Payment information

All payment is made by card or Klarna and is managed in the registration site. The transaction fee is included in the prices!