Entry fee

Entry fee must be paid  before the 1st of November 2022.

Teams that are accomodated by Lundaspelen through school lodging or hotel accomodation - 2100 SEK /team  (approx. 210 EURO)

Teams that are not accomodated by Lundaspelen - 2800 SEK /team  (approx. 280 EURO)

Guest card (school lodging or hotel accomodation)

Guest card fees must be paid before the 1st of December 2022.

Guest card with school lodging - 1450 SEK/person (approx. 145 EURO)

Guest card with hotel accomodation - between 2500-4500 SEK/person - click here for more information

Payment information

Alternatives for payment:

  • Bank giro account number 269 - 2499 IK Eos
  • IBAN account SE7280000831390741397269
  • Swebank S-105 34 Stockholm, account no 8313-9, 74139726-9 , swiftaddress: SWEDSESS. - OBS! IK Eos is the name of recipient!

Don't forget to state who the payment is from!