Can we use overage player?

Overage players are NOT allowed at all if you want to compete. Teams that use overage players will be disqualified from participating in the play-offs.

Normal solution if you've got 10 or more players who want to compete in two categories: let all players participate in the "older" category and ONLY the younger in the "younger" category. Games are short in game-time and we can help you make sure the group games don't collide. However, play-off games might collide.

Can we use players from another club?

If a player isn't allowed to compete for your club team in your home country, you can NOT let him/her play for your team in Lundaspelen. National federations have different requirements - make sure you meet the requirements in your own country.

In Sweden you have to be licensed for the club or have a valid federation regulated agreement between the clubs. (However the overage rule mentioned above overrules federal/regional rules)

Medical equipment

It's every teams/clubs responsibility to bring tape/Ice for small injuries- we will definately help with transport with more serious injuries. We can't provide/sell tape and ice at the gyms.

Arrival by Train - Pick-up!

All teams that have notified us that they will arrive by train (and given us date & time ) will get help w/ luggage and check-in- AND most will get help w/ transport to School if the lodging school is not in walking distance (Walking distance schools are: Polhem/Svane/Katte) WHERE is the pick-up : outside Train house on WEST side. Travel from south will land on platform 4,5 or 6 - Go BACK in trains direction (and DOWN tunnel if 4 or 5) And take a right and you'll get into building. If arriving from north - DOWN into tunnel so you get out on RIGHT side of tracks.

When do we find out where we will lodge?

We will not be able to tell you where you will lodge until around the 28th of December. The "puzzle" regarding lodging depends on which schools and classrooms we get access to and that we have to have as much information as possible from our guests in order to do as good as accommodation schedule as possible.To be able to lodge and serve everyone, every team can't expect to get a classroom for each team, we have assessed the classrooms in order to get their capacity in coordination with the fire-safety regulations and will try to accomodate everyone as good as possible.

When do we get access to the lodging?

The teams get access to lodging in the afternoon of the 1st of January (school accomodation and hotel). Some teams will start early by having a game already on the evening of the 1st.

How do we get to Lund from abroad?

If you are flying, go to Kastrup, Copenhagen. Then take the train to Lund C (every 20 minutes, 60 minute trip, less than £10 per person if you buy group tickets). We'll pick you up at the train station in Lund and take your team to your accomodation and the leaders to Registration. Link to the timetable in English

Game Schedule - when is it posted?

Preliminary Game schedule is posted around the 15th of December . Changes might occur due to withdrawals - they will then be posted on the web as they are corrected (might take a couple of days). Final game schedule isn't ready until the 31st of december.


Wi-Fi is accessable through personal "guest" inlog at all the schools (and the arenas that are located inn connection to the schools)

Game schedule - when do games start and when do the tournament end?

Games will start for some teams already on the evening of the 1st, but for most teams on January 2nd at about 8 am in the morning. Play-offs starts the 4th. All finals in the older categories are played in Idrottshallen and the last game will end around 16:30 on the 5th. Final schedule can vary a little bit from year to year depending on the amount of teams in the categories, but is normally the same as the year before.

Final schedule, the 4th:

Evening/Late Afternoon of 4th:

  • "Mini Lundaspelen" - U11 category is finished at the evening on the 4th of january, then there is a prize ceremony at Idrottshallen for all teams 
  • Final in wheelchair category will be at Eoshallen.

Final schedule, the 5th:


8:10 - GU12

8:55 - BU12

9:45 - GU13

10:35 - BU13


8:20 - GU14

9:10 - GU15

10:00 - BU14

10:50 - BU15

11:40 - GU16

12:30 - GU18

13:20 - BU16

14:10 - BU18

15:00 - GU23

15:50 - BU23

Payments - Entry fee & Guestcards (including Hotel option)

All payments are made with cardpayment.  More information about payment. If you have any questions or problems with payments - contact Lundaspelen Office.