Classifications 2025

BU23/GU23 (boys/girls born 2002 or later)

BU18/GU18 (boys/girls born 2007 or later)

BU16/GU16 (boys/girls born 2009 or later)

BU15/GU15 (boys/girls born 2010 or later)

BU14/GU14 (boys/girls born 2011 or later)

BU13/GU13 (boys/girls born 2012 or later)

Easy Basket Tournament (Special Rules)
BU12/GU12 (boys/girls born 2013 or later)

Mini Lundaspelen 2025
BU11/GU11 (boys/girls born 2014 or later)

Wheelchair - No age restriction - "Beginners"

Lundaspelen Special - No age restriction

All group restrictions are set from when the registration opens. Although the restrictions are updated during the registration period to follow the demand for different groups. 

Licensing rules

Lundaspelen is a club tournament. Players should be eligble to play for the club according to each NATIONS (regional differences from national rule do not apply) own governing rules (licensing, etc). Age rule is NOT observed to regional/national differences - players must meet the classifications above. 

A player must have been registered for at least one group game to be allowed play in the playoff games.

Game rules

Team rosters should be left no later than 15 minutes before games. If a team has not appeared 5 minutes after a game’s starting time, the present team wins (20-0). Every player should be able to prove his/her age with identification (preferably with a photo). Any team which leaves the court during a game is eliminated from the tournament.

For every court
a game ball will be provided. Teams must bring their own basketballs for warm-up . Time for warm-up on court will not be guaranteed.

Teams are divided into groups with 4–6 teams , playing a round-robin . The two best teams from each group advance to the A-playoff. Team 3–6 advance to the B-playoff. Both playoffs are played as a cup. If two teams have the same points in groups, the order is decided according to the result between the two teams (se below).

If more than two teams have the same points
, the order is decided according to:

1. Results between tied teams: a) points b) basket difference c) baskets made.

2. Results from the whole series : a) basket difference b) baskets made