Check-in at Eoshallen (Arkivgatan 32, 223 59 Lund) - opens at 15.00

All teams who are accommodated by Lundaspelen must check in at Eoshallen at arrival. We check off your payments, you get your guestcards and T-shirts and the Lundapelen office notes that you are here and ready to play!

Don't forget to inform us about approx. arrival time to make it possible for us to service you!

Arrival by Train:  Pick-up at Västra stationstorget (west side of the station).  Minibuses will be picking you up according to the arrival time you've registered - if you have any questions, contact Lundaspelen Office  +4646-159494

Teams staying at Polhemskolan/Katedralskolan/Hedda Gymnasium will have to walk with their luggage (less than 800 m)(Teams that are U14 and younger can get help with luggage but have to walk themselves.) Teams staying at other locations will get transport (Lundaspelen Minibuses) of themselves and their luggage.