Lund is situated in the south of Sweden and has excellent communications.

By car/bus

If you go by car/bus it is a

• 4 hours and 38 minutes drive from Hamburg, Germany

• 5 hours and 42 minutes drive from Bremen, Germany

• 5 hours and 54 minutes drive from Hannover, Germany

• 5 hours and 45 minutes drive from Berlin, Germany

• 8 hours and 47 minutes drive from Frankfurt, Germany

• 7 hours and 22 minutes drive from Groningen, Netherlands

• 8 hours and 50 minutes drive from Eindhoven, Netherlands

• 2 hours and 43 minutes drive from Gothenburg, Sweden

• 6 hours and 17 minutes drive from Stockholm, Sweden

(according to Google maps).

By train
We pick up all groups who come by train and has notified us in advance of time of arrival - we'll take group to lodging and one representative to the tournament office for check-in.
If you go by train you get off att Lund C. If you are travelling from a place in Sweden, make reservations three months in advance and use youth tickets, it will be very cheap.

By air

If you go by air, you fly to:

International: Copenhagen, Kastrup (from here train that leaves every 20 minutes - takes 35 minutes to Lund). (see info regarding train above)

• Domestic: Sturup (a 35 minute drive from Lund).