Bag regulation in Sweden

Important information about bag regulation in Sweden

The Swedish Police Authority have issued a new law binding decision to forbid all bags at bigger events. This includes Lundaspelens events on the evening on the 4th of January (U23 semi-finals and U11 Prize Ceremony) and the finals at Idrottshallen on the 5th of January. 

All bags are forbidden to bring into the arenas at these events (from purses and backpacks to luggage), only exceptions are for diaper bags or bags that are needed due to medical causes. 

Players that are participating in the finals and U23 semi-finals in idrottshallen are allowed to bring a bag with equipment for the games - but no luggage.

You will not be entering the arena if you have a bag with you. All bags have to stay at the accommodation on the 4th of January. Lundaspelen have arranged for bag storage on the 5th of at a nearby arena - Heddahallen - about 800 meters from Idrottshallen. 

Please help us with this new rule for us all to follow - and make sure to inform parents or other supporters joining your team!

We are more than excited to soon be welcoming you all to Lund for an unforgettable week filled with basketball and fun!

Warm regards, 

Lundaspelen Office