Register information for Lundaspelen 2024

Dear basketball friends,

  We're really excited that all you are joining us in Lund to start off 2024 in the best possible way - with days full of basketball and fun!

The 2024 tournament seems to be breaking the record for Lundaspelen - we are now 530 teams registered!

Therefore we got some urgent requests in order to manage this big "operation" - since we now need to start working on the actual planning of games, accommodation etc to make the tournament experience as good as possible for all you visiting and us as an organization to keep the quality up!


So Please help us with these:

  •  Please check so that your teams are in the correct category (See list of age categories below)

  •  Accommodation - put in your approx. number of people/guest cards  as soon as possible - both for hotel and school - the school lodging will be an extra obstacle for us this tournament do to the large increase in teams. Pay the guest cards before 20th of November! More info >>

  • "Clashes" - coaches/players that are involved in more than one team - inform us via message in CupManager (registration site) about this as soon as possible (we can't help you if you don't inform us... ;-))

  • Players: name, jersey number - register this in CupManager before 30th of November

  • Teamleaders & their contacts (Phone & Email) 

  •  Arrival – Please fill in your arrival info as good as you know it – Dinner will be served the 1 st according to info on Lundaspelen webpage.

  Thank you from the Lundaspelen Organization



BU23/GU23 (boys/girls born 2001 or later)

BU18/GU18 (boys/girls born 2006 or later)

BU16/GU16 (boys/girls born 2008 or later)

BU15/GU15 (boys/girls born 2009 or later)

BU14/GU14 (boys/girls born 2010 or later)

BU13/GU13 (boys/girls born 2011 or later)

Easy Basket Tournament (Special Rules)

BU12/GU12 (boys/girls born 2012 or later)

Mini Lundaspelen 2024

BU11/GU11 (boys/girls born 2013 or later)